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FEM2 Ambiente

logo FEM2 Ambiente Fem2 Ambiente has been founded in 2010 as a spinoff of University of Milano – Bicocca and mainly operates as R&D hub in biotechnology. The company offers innovative services in various sectors with a permanent attention to environmental issues. Fem2 Ambiente also develops research projects both with partners in research field and business and it also deals with educational activities at national and international level.

FEM2 Ambiente and electronic cigarette

Since 2011 the company has been developing an interest in electronic cigarette, seen as a useful tool to protect the environment (e.g. reducing the fine particles in the air released by the combustion of traditional cigarettes and decreasing the number of cigarettes butts that every year are thrown on the ground and in the sea, also lowering the related pollution problems). Delving deeper into this topic, the company realized the high potential that the electronic cigarette may have even in health care.
The interest of Fem2 Ambiente for e-cig can be seen in the scientific communication project.


Since 2012 FEM2 Abiente is involved in research and development of liquids for electronic cigarettes
  • Nicotine titration of finished products (production range and traces)
  • Assessment of the purity degree of raw materials
  • Characterization of the olfactory profile of finished products (batch-to-batch reproducibility)
  • Emissions analysis through advanced high sensitivity protocols
  • Assessment of toxicity on lung cells in culture