The Clear Stream Onward project is an investment desired by FlavourArt and carried out in collaboration with TRUSTiCERT to guarantee maximum safety, quality and transparency to the user. The project aims to test the health safety of e-liquids, using highly innovative methods that allow to recreate a study environment as representative as possible of the real conditions of use:
  • the laboratory model precisely mimics the human pulmonary structure;
  • a vaping machine suitable for e-cigarette to simulate efficiently a person inhaling;
  • Use of human cells and not of test animal.

Toxicity test

The tested e-liquid is turned into vapor using an instrument that simulates the real functioning of an electronic cigarette (the so-called Vaping Machine). The result of the evaporation is an aerosol that is placed in contact with two layers of cells that mimic the pulmonary alveolus. Depending on the toxicity of the aerosol, the test will measure the percentage of cells not surviving the treatment. Please, click here for further details about the test. The chart below shows both the toxicity level of the analyzed e-liquid and that of a traditional cigarette* on the two cellular layers.

Toxicity on lung epithelium

The lung epithelium is a tissue composed of cells that are specialized to protect and to allow gas exchange. The lung epithelium is the alveolus portion that is in contact with the air. For more details, please click here.

Toxicity on vascular endothelium

The vascular endothelium is a tissue composed of cells that are specialized to be the proper covering of the blood and lymph vessels. At pulmonary level it represents the portion of the alveolus that is in contact with blood. For more details, please click here.