Simulation of the vaping experience

vaping machine 2A vaping machine suitable for e-cigarette will be developed (the so-called vaping machine) to simulate a person inhaling and to capture the emission. The machine is controlled by a software to configure puff volume, puff duration and puff interval.

In the project a common kit equipped with 3.7 V ego-T battery and atomizer with 2.4 Ohm resistance.

Every necessary measure will be implemented to simulate an authentic vaping experience: e.g. the electrical resistance of the coil will never be dry and also realistic wattage and voltage will be settled. To obtain a more complete outcome, several devices will be used in the machine: from the traditional first generation personal vaporizers to the latest ones, the so-called mods.

Monitoring the concentrations of inhaled compounds will be essential to simulate the complex respiratory mechanics. For this reason, the aerosol (vapor) produced by the e-cig connected to the vaping machine will be collected in a liquid “growth medium (T)” and there condensed. The growth medium will be then weighted before and after each vaping session to quantify the difference in the concentration of e-liquid.
At a later stage, the same growth medium will be used also in toxicology tests on the model.

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