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TRUSTiCERT is an innovative Italian SME acting as regulatory and scientific partner in the development of the e-cig sector and related products. Its highest objective is to support health and wellness through the diffusion of new technologies. HISTORY TRUSTiCERT’s roots are in the University, where since 2012 the founder and CEO Emanuele Ferri has been coordinating a team of researchers to study  the scientific aspects relating to e-cig, from the environment impact to the inhalator toxicology of vapours. In the following years, an evolving regulatory landscape makes the team growing  and acquiring  new skills, while outlining into different departments, finally founding TRUSTiCERT in 2017. The founders of the start-up, with University origin, devote  their resources and energies in R&D and in the relationship with international authorities in supply their partners with the best technological and regulatory support. DEPARTMENTS Today TRUSTiCERT is composed by five departments and more than 15 people with a post-university formation. The regulatory department guides the customer towards compliance. Moreover, it dialogues with  European and national institutions to guarantee a steady updating in the frequent evolutions of the legislations. The scientific department supplies precious and competent assistence in several areas: from the issue of a specific toxicological dossier for e-liquids ingredient, to the identification of  hazardous components, to the evaluation of the health impact through in vitro and in silico analysis. The IT department develops automatized data management systems, data elaboration and data transfer through high security and controlled processes. It also carries out in a complete safety and privacy for the operation of electronic parts. Marketing and Communication department makes available its own experience to create websites, blog or social pages/promotional campaigns for making the population known about complex technical and scientific aspects, in order to spread the safety and quality aspects of customers’ products. The R&D department develops intellectual properties and transfers technology and innovation to the best branch companies. COLLABORATIONS Several agreements with certified laboratories allow TRUSTiCERT to benefit from the most advanced technologies to completely satisfy the requirements imposed by the actual legislation landscape. TRUSTiCERT works with the best chemical and toxicological research groups thanks to precious collaboration with international institutions.