The project “ClearStream Onward”

February 2015 marks the beginning of a new important scientific cooperation between Flavourart and the team that nowadays form TRUSTiCERT, operating since 2012 in the technology transfer from the academy to companies.

The management of the two companies signed this significant agreement aiming to bring the scientific expertise and the most advanced equipment from the University to the emerging industry of e-cigarette. The implementation in full of the project is inevitably a long term process, involving constant efforts and commitments on both parts to achieve the ambitious goals arisen from the intuition of Massimiliano Mancini, CEO of Flavourart.

TRUSTiCERT will put a scientific seal on Flavourart products and at the end of the project several far-reaching objectives will be achieved. These topics include, among others, the endorsement of the healthiness of e-liquids and their ingredients, the accurate assessment of levels and kind of emissions produced by e-cig, the confirmation of the absence of heavy metals and harmful compounds derived from inhalation

The initiative will certainly be of great benefit amongst people, who will be constantly informed of the progress made thanks to a new online portal, “ClearStreamOnward”. This will be a useful tool to let people be aware of results of the analysis, to learn about every new knowledge developed by the researchers and also to discover the background of lab operations. The dedicated web portal will be easy to surf and friendly in language and in graphical interface; not least, all the inquiring minds will have the opportunity to deepen some technical aspects in a specific section of the site. It cannot be excluded that the linkage with e-cig users would be enhanced in the future by means of questionnaires about habits and perceived impacts of e-cig, to be complited by the ones interested in at regular intervals.

This cooperation represents a key investment for Flavourart and an inspiring and stimulating challenge for TRUSTiCERT and both of them are aimed at ensuring consumer safety while complying with the strict forthcoming EU regulations.